Discover Trade Secrets How Top Amazon Sellers Find
Hot Selling Products
 On Amazon In 4 Easy Steps 
Helping Our Students Generate Massive Results!

In This Video Course Series You Will Learn..

  • Powerful proven tactics that helped our students to generate over 6 figures of sales from Amazon!
  • Top secret ninja tricks to spy your competitor’s daily sales on Amazon
  • Discover 7 important metrics all serious Amazon sellers must know to sell hot profitable products
  • How you can create a brand on Amazon that gets people talking
  • How successful Amazon sellers get low prices from suppliers
  • and so much more 

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Recent Results From Our Students

Whopping $100,191.00 Sales!

Another Amazing Results From One of Our Client With A Whopping US$100,191 Sales!


12 Sales Est USD$2000 in 1st 21 Days!

“I close 12 sales close to 2k after getting into a hot niche in about 21 days.I like the fact that Alvin even provide videos for us after the class for us to rewatch the videos and encourage us at the same time.” – Steve Tan

US$10,178.30 & Growing!

“Since I started learning from Alvin and selling on Amazon, I have been getting sales almost daily. In just 1 month, I got over 42 orders total of US$2298.16 Sales! Thank Alvin!” – Yogeswari

Update After 2 Months US$10,178.30 In 30 Days & Growing!

US$2011.47 in 1st Month!

“After attending Alvin’s class, I made gross sales of over US$2011.47 in a month, I am pretty confident that I can further multiply that by continuing to implement all that was taught to me in his class.”
– Lee Chuen Julian Batchelor

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